The World’s First Standing Desk For Zero Clutter

Transform your workspace with the only desk that combines premium sit-stand functionality and ingenious storage solutions. A clear desk for a clear mind!

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Set Up Your Personalized Productivity Hub In 3 Simple Steps

1. Personalize

Set up the QuickSnap Modules in your own configuration, to suit your personalized workflows.

2. Declutter

De-clutter your workspace using the QuickSnap Modules & Wire Cabin

3. Adjust

Preset your desk heights and reminders on your Health Coach. Adjust to your liking.

Tailored Organization With Ecosystem Of QuickSnap Modules

Unlock endless possibilities for an organized workspace. Hexon’s magnetic ecosystem supports a suite of QuickSnap modules, allowing you to declutter workspace, your way. From our Stationery Kit for knickknacks to Catch-All for additional space outside your desk, you can declutter in style for peak performance!

Conceal “Dead”, Untouched Cables For A Cleaner Desk

With Hexon’s Wire Cabin, stash away infrequently used cables like your monitor screen wire, extension cords and more. And when you do need them, access them easily via the 3-door Quick Access Openings. Out of sight, yet easily accessible - a harmony of cleanliness & convenience.

Improve Your Health While You Work With Health Coach

Elevate your health with Hexon’s Health Coach-enabled adjustments. Three personalized presets allow for one-touch height adjustments, while its smart sit-stand reminders nudge you between positions. Hexon not only enhances your workspace, but also your well-being.

No Tugging Hazards With An Invisible Integrated Power Supply

When cables from your hardware on your table are connected to shin-level sockets, there’s a risk of cable tugging when you adjust your desk upwards.  Hexon’s built-in electrical socket powers your entire setup, connecting to the wall with a single cable from the Power Integrated Legs.

Toggle Your Desk Swiftly, Silently & Safely

With its Dual Motor System and Tri-Tier Frame, Hexon can adjust swiftly (sit-to-stand in 3 seconds) and silently (<50DB). Its Anti-Collision System also ensures safe adjustment, detecting obstacles and stopping immediately to prevent accidents. Reliable and safe, Hexon is not your regular sit-stand desk.

From the makers of 
ErgoTune Supreme and EverDesk Max

Our sister brands ErgoTune and EverDesk have satisfied over 40,000 retail and corporate customers. With 4.7 stars across >9,000 reviews, features on key publications and multiple awards, we are the clear leaders in productivity furniture space.

Get An Exclusive Discount

We're Launching Soon. Get an exclusive discount by signing up now!